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Pipi Mā is the world's first 100% Māori speaking dolls for children, created by a Māori speaking family here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. The four loveable Pipi Mā dolls are Pipi, Hura, Tītoki and Pītau Pōtiki and they are on a mission to take the Māori language and its culture to a whole new level of COOL! Are you ready to be a part of the Pipi Mā movement?
Pipi Ma Hura Maori doll in box
Pipi Ma Hura Maori doll in box
Pipi Ma Hura Maori doll in box

Logo and Packaging Design

The logo I created for Pipi Mā needed to be modern, bright and fun. They wanted to put old social norms to rest by diversifying the dolls appearance and they wanted to move on from the red, black and white. I used the mangopare koru as a symbol of an everlasting bond of friendship. The box that the dolls are packaged in reflects a marae for them to live in. Normalisation is the number one driver for Pipi Mā but it's also an affirmation of identity. Each doll has a specific characteristic that is iconic in Māoridom: Pipi has a poi and draws a little moko on her chin, and Hura wears a pounamu around his neck, and has feathers in his bun.
Pipi Ma Hura Box Packaging Template Layout

Pipi Mā Website

One of the most important aspects of the website is that te reo Māori is the most prominent language on the site. We have English translations so all New Zealnders can understand the text but they are always after, and often smaller, than the original Māori. The main menu is also in Māori but will transform to English when you roll over it. The Pipi Mā website was designed using Rocketspark.
You can view the website at www.pipima.co.nz
Pipi Ma Website Design Rocketspark

Animated Gifs

Pipi Mā wanted their characters to come to life and show their personalities. I created these animations for the Ngā Tāre page on their website to introduce each of the characters.

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