Packaging Design

ThinkWise have their own branded Skin Safe Baby Wipes box as well as Change Mats, Jojoba Oil and Barrier Balm.

Print Design: Business Cards, Brochures, Posters, Adverts

ThinkWise have a range of printed material ranging from business cards to adverts for Oh Baby Magazine as well as posters and brochures for the annual Baby Show held in Auckland each year.

Website Design

Custom Illustration

ThinkWise • Graphic Design Branding Package

ThinkWise is passionate about helping people find the safest baby skincare solutions available. They provide helpful information to parents and carers who are conscious about the chemicals they put on their baby's skin and use in their environment. Their brand needed to be honest, educated, simple, natural, while also being scientific and research-based.

ThinkWise Testimonial

Tori is a hardworking and talented designer. Her eye for detail and her ability to consult in the whole design process is invaluable. Tori is committed to exceeding client expectations and she is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Tori to anyone looking for professional and current design. I am super proud of the work she has done for ThinkWise, she understands our brief fully and this makes our ongoing projects so much easier. Tori always meets deadlines and is clear about what requirements she needs so that everything is completed to the highest standard.
Jodie Leqeta – ThinkWise Founder



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