Tori Veysey Graphic Designer Cambridge Waikato New Zealand

Journeyman Creative Goods

I am an experienced craftsman and artisan, based in Cambridge, New Zealand, specialising in: logo design, branding, print design, packaging, illustration, wedding invitations and Rocket Spark websites. As a designer I pride myself on the ability to make your visions a reality, whether they be in the form of graphic design, photography, or crafted goods in an array of mediums.
– Tori Veysey

My Skillshare Class

If you're not familiar, Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes on everything from business to graphic design to fashion – it's the Netflix of learning. Classes are bite-sized and have a fun project so you can practice your newly learned skills.

Check out my new Skillshare class: "Imploding Folded Paper Craft." Use the link below to get 3 months of Skillshare Premium for only $0.99 for unlimited access to this and thousands of online classes.

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