Waikato Regional Council • Graphic Design

This set of designs were created to run an awareness  campaign about waste minimisation in Nourish Magazine. It involved quarterly articles and advertorials on various waste minimisation topics. The content was co-created with Waipa District Council, Waikato Disctrict Council, Hamilton City Council and community members.

Let's Go Plastic Free

This is a topic that is close to my heart so I was really excited to be part of this campaign. I personally try not to use plastic bags and I always have a few reuseable bags in my car for when I do an unexpected grocery shop. I also like to use beeswax wraps instead of plastic wrap or cling film. This ad features Nicola from Mainstream Green who has all sorts of fabulous ideas on her website on how to reduce waste.

Let's Use The Waste Hierarchy

We give ourselves a pat on the back for recycling, but really there are so many steps that we can take before we recycle. This advert highlights those extra steps that will help reduce your waste significantly.


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